Peg Toliver


Eureka, IL


Peg Toliver celebrates the natural world in her photographs and fiber art. She believes that aesthetic appreciation of our natural environment leads to personal healing and is essential for preserving wild lands. Using the camera to capture the flora and fauna of locales throughout the U.S., she prints some images straight from the camera to convey fleeting momentary impressions. Other photo captures are altered with digital technology and hand drawing to isolate the motifs which then become designs for prints, handmade books or silk textiles. Constantly experimenting with printing imagery on alternative surfaces, Peg is fascinated with exploring how digital technology can be blended with traditional art techniques.

Peg has a home studio in Eureka, Illinois and has been a resident artist at the Contemporary Art Center in downtown Peoria. She brings to her studio life a background in art history, philosophy and counseling psychology. From 1990-2000, she served as a faculty member in the Art Department at Eureka College where she was Coordinator of the Art Therapy Program, Lecturer in Art History and Curator of the College's Art Collection. Peg also has taught at Illinois Central College, managed the Peoria Art Guild's Gallery Store, and conducted therapeutic art workshops for clients at community social service agencies and wellness centers. In 2000 she established her design business Natural Imprints which aims at connecting people, art and nature.

Since 2007 Peg has been teaching yoga, and finds this holistic practice enhances her approach to studio art. She writes, "Yoga is about a way of seeing, opening up to the present possibilities of our body and mind. It requires that we accept ourselves unconditionally, yet work with our edges to expand beyond our present way of being. Art is about these things also; so the discipline of yoga helps to inform my creative practice as an artist."


Woodland Bridge by Peg Toliver


Frozen Oak Silhouette by Peg Toliver


Blue Hydrangeas by Peg Toliver


Blue bells by Peg Toliver


Sepia Tulip by Peg Toliver


Sepia Tulip 2 by Peg Toliver


Winter Horse tails by Peg Toliver


Yellowstone Thermal Pool 3 by Peg Toliver


Yellowstone Thermal Pool 2 by Peg Toliver


Yellowstone Thermal Pool 1 by Peg Toliver


Bleeding Heart I by Peg Toliver


Sunshine Weed by Peg Toliver


Tree bud by Peg Toliver


Oak in Autum Woods by Peg Toliver


Beach Rock Tower Two by Peg Toliver


Farm Sunset by Peg Toliver


Aqua Lake Myst and Trees by Peg Toliver


Beach Driftwood I by Peg Toliver


Hand on Stone by Peg Toliver


Beach driftwood II by Peg Toliver


Dandelion Fairy Seeds by Peg Toliver


The Lone Path Taken by Peg Toliver


Floating Cottonwood Leaves by Peg Toliver


Concrete Man with Pipe by Peg Toliver


Deer Sculpture by Peg Toliver


Clothes line by Peg Toliver


Olympic Sunset by Peg Toliver


Live Oak with Moss by Peg Toliver


Biltmore Mansion by Peg Toliver


Fu Dog by Peg Toliver


Horse and Rider by Peg Toliver


Christmas Angel by Peg Toliver


Concrete Calf and Cow by Peg Toliver


Snow berries by Peg Toliver


Lichen mandala by Peg Toliver


White Feather by Peg Toliver


Evergreen by Peg Toliver


Red Sea Grape Leaf by Peg Toliver


Petunia Picket Fence by Peg Toliver


Chinese Lantern Skeleton by Peg Toliver